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2 - Who was Alfred Nobel?

Who was Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm in 1833. His father had invented land mines and a new type of naval mines. The son's interest was also in explosives: in 1864 he patented the Nobel Igniter, and two years later he patented dynamite, a manageable form of nitroglyverine. It revolutionised mining, tunnel blasting, road building and the military. Eventually Nobel owned 355 patents, building some 90 factories and companies in 20 countries - the basis of his fortune.



Nobel was not only an inventive scientist shrewd businessman, but also a sceptical idealist. A lonely man, who never married, he died at home in San Remo (Italy) on 10 December 1896. Every year Nobel prizes are awarded on that day.

Note: The 1997 Peace Prize was awarded to those who are campaining to ban landmines.




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