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17 - Andrei Sakharov


Andrei Sakharov

(1921 - 1989


The "father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb", Andrei Sakharov was a brilliant nuclear weapons' scientist who became a spokesman for the conscience of mankind.

Realising the dangers of nuclear war, in 1968 Sakharov issued a Manifesto on progress, co-existence, and intellectual freedom. He believed worldwide co-operation was urgently needed. Closer US-Soviet links could tackle disarmament, hunger, overpopulation and pollution.

He saw that repressive nations were more likely to commit international violence. He co-founded the Committee for Human Rights in 1970, working for democracy and demilitarisation, defying the Soviet government.

40 years after Hitler banned Ossietzky from receiving the Prize, the Soviet government prevented Sakharov from personally receiving his Peace Prize.

Protesting against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, Sakharov was exiled to the closed city of Gorky for nearly seven years.


Note : Sakharov's background in eastern Europe - a weapons' scientist who later became a campaigner for peace - mirrors that of Joseph Rotblat (Nobel Peace Prize 1995) in the west.

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