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19 - Why so few women?


Why So Few Women?


Of the 88 individuals to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the 20th century, only 10 were women. During the first 75 years only 3 women were honoured. This is not at all a fair reflection of the important role women have played in the century's peace movements.

Reasons for this imbalance include:

  • the largest groups able to make nominations are (mainly male) professors and parliamentarians - until 1950 on average less than two women were nominated each year, and even in the 1960s there was a 4 year period with no female nominations at all
  • there were no women on the Committee until 1948, and male Committee members have often been sceptical of female candidates.
  • the tendency to honour senior politicians, a male constituency; many women work for peace through grassroots campaigning organisations

"The education and empowerment of women across the world is bound to lead to more peace, more justice, more tolerance and more solidarity."

Aung San Suu Kyi, winner, 1991

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