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24 - Anomalies and Controversies


Anomalies and Controversies


Why was Gandhi, the century's greatest peacemaker, never a prize winner?

Gandhi was nominated several times. He was the leading candidate in 1948, but was assassinated in January. That year no prize was awarded, the Committee declaring that 'no living candidate' was available.

Why Kissinger?

Such prize winners as US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who pursued war as a mean to peace (in Vietnam) seem particularly inappropriate winners. In a unique gesture, his co-recipient in 1973, North Vietnamese chief negotiator Le Duc Tho, declined the award.

Why award statesmen at all?

Are not statesmen only doing what is expected of them? They are hardly the young idealists Nobel wished to support.

Why has the prize sometimes not been awarded?

There may possibly have been disagreement within the Committee. No prize was awarded in 19 of the first 100 years. Yet every year people work for peace, even during the world wars. Withholding the prize seems contrary to Nobel's wishes.

Note: On occasions strong disagreement in Norway with the Committee's choice has inspired a popular movement to fund and award an International Peace Prize of the Norwegian People.
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