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The Praxis Centre at Leeds Met

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The Praxis Centre at LeedsMet

The Centre for the study of Information and Technology in Peace, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights

The Praxis Centre composes a multidisciplinary research group who share common interests in peace, conflict resolution and human rights issues.

The Centre aims to investigate all aspects of the effects of information technology in the context of peace and conflict studies. This will involve research in the development of information and communication (and associated) technologies, the implementation of these technologies, and the effects they have on society, and on the functioning of communities and organisations within society.

In particular, work will examine the implications of the use of technology as a form of social and political control, its impact on privacy, data protection and civil liberties and the consequential effects on civil society, democracy and governance. Finally, the ethical implications of peace, conflict resolution and human rights, in relation to information and technology will be of central importance to the research undertaken by the centre and will underpin its work.

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