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The Praxis Centre at Leeds Met

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27 Feb - Leeds, City of Peace

Leeds, City of Peace

Peacemakers past and present

Dr Clive Barrett
27th February 3.00pm
Room G05, Priestley Hall
Leeds Metropolitan University
Headingley Campus

Leeds, City of Peace

The Leeds Charter refers to the feast of St Martin, 1207. Martin was a man of peace and a war-resister. How has the City maintained that peacemaking tradition through its history?

In the 19th century there was a women's peace group, and a major campaign arose to oppose the Crimea War. In the First World War, citizens of Leeds were sentenced to death for refusing to fight, others, others received the hospitality of Armley Prison.

After one vast rally, a national newspaper proclaimed "Leeds Leads!" Between the wars and beyond, a remarkable vicar combined care for soldiers with opposition to war.


There has been, and still is, a strong anti-nuclear movement. Across the city today there is opposition to war and commitment to peace-building. There is a permanent "Farewell to Arms?" exhibition at the Royal Armouries.     

The future promises a substantial Peace Museum and the George Mitchell Peace and Conflict Resolution Centre at Leeds Metropolitan University.

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