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Local Events

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Local events, talks, etc.
Local Events 28 Oct-25 Nov 06 -Global Justice Programme
Autumn 2006 Programme
Local Events 11 Nov 06 - Making Peace in the Post Christian Era
Pax Christi in partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University School of Applied Global Ethics
Local Events 23-28 Nov 06 - Leeds Tidal Events
Trade Injustice and Debt Action Leeds (TIDAL) is a member of the Jubilee Debt Campaign and part of the Trade Justice Movement.
Local Events 25 Nov 06 - Refugees in Our Community
Presentation by 'The Refugee Council Talks Team' in the War Cinema at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds
Local Events 28 Nov 06 - Amnesty International - Sudan Crisis
The conflict in the Sudanese region of Darfur, and in neighbouring Chad, has created an ongoing humanitarian ad human rights crisis. Over 300,000 people have lost their lives since the conflict erupted in February 2003. Around three million civilians have fled from their homes.
Local Events 19 Jan 07 - Trident: Time to Decide!
Local Events 20 Jan - Mar 07 - Economic Justice for All Workshops
Local Events 2 April 07 - Leeds Peace Lecture
Local Events 24 Oct-11 Dec 07 Together for Peace
Together for Peace (T4P) is a Leeds-wide movement committed to tackling peace, justice and conflict issues in Leeds and beyond. It is working to develop ongoing initiatives and processes focussed on activitites in November.
Local Events 2 Feb 07 - Menwith Hill Question Time
Local Events 17 Oct - How to Save the World
At Leeds Metropolitan University
Local Events 18 Oct - The Concept of Conflict
Local Events 29 Oct - 2 Nov - Black History and Culture
Local Events 4 Nov - Jo Berry and Pat Magee
Free Event
Local Events 6 Nov - Bradford Cuba Meeting
Local Events 5-11 Nov - Raise Yours Banners, Bradford
Local Events 14/15 Nov - Kathy Kelly Meeting
Local Events 15 Nov - Yorkshire in the Age of Star Wars
Ellen Heaton Lecture
Local Events 17 Nov - Imaging War Conference
Local Events 17 Nov - What is Venezuela for you?
Local Events 17-22 Nov - Words at War
Can Words Stop Wars?
Local Events 18 Nov - Ireland: Celebrating Peace, Embracing Change
Local Events 18 Nov - Exploding the Myth: Violence and Movies
Local Events 24-25 Nov - Words at War
Local Events 25 Nov - We Refuse to be Enemies
Local Events Leeds Together for Peace Festival
Local Events 3 Nov - 1 Dec - Education for Global Justice
2007 Autumn Lectures
Local Events 3 Dec - Cafe Scientifique
Meetings at the Headingley Club
Local Events 5 Dec - When the Press Fails
Local Events 16 Jan 08 - Taking Soundings
Local Events 18 Jan - Guantanamo Bay and Iran   Roundhay Friends Meeting House, Street lane, 2008-01-18 19:00:00 - 2008-01-18 21:00:00
The story at Guantanamo Bay and Iran - an assessment by Fabian Hamilton MP Foreign Affairs Select Committee member and Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton will be talking about his recent visits to the Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba and to Iran.
Local Events 23 Jan - Never Again: Bridging Beliefs Forum
Local Events 23 Jan-12 Mar - World Class Films at Leeds Met
International FIlms at Leeds Met
Local Events 26 Jan - Greenspeak on Missile Defence
Local Events 27 Jan - Leeds Holocaust Memorial Day   Leeds Town Hall, Victoria Hall, 2008-01-27 14:00:00 - 2008-01-27 14:00:00
Leeds Holocaust Memorial Day 2008 The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day is 'Imagine...remember, reflect, react.' Music, readings and a new piece of drama from the children of Priesthorpe School will be among the highlights of this official civic event.
Local Events 30 Jan - Gandhi Seminar: The History & Legacy
Local Events 31 Jan - How non-violence protects the state
Local Events 1 Feb - And then they came for me
Holocaust Memorial Week: ‘And Then They Came For Me’ a performance at Ralph Thoresby High School. A unique opportunity to see the Blue Sky Network’s production of the award winning play about Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s stepsister.
Local Events 4 Feb - Headingley Cafe Scientifique: Antimatter   New Headingley Club, 56 St Michael's Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3BG, 2008-02-04 19:45:00 - 2008-02-04 21:30:00
By Professor Ruth Gregory (University of Durham) - member of the Centre for Particle Theory. Her current research interest is in the interface between fundamental high energy physics and cosmology.
Local Events 7 Feb - Nobel Laureate Annual Lecture
Local Events 13 Feb - After Fidel: The Future for Cuba   Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, 2008-02-13 19:00:00 - 2008-02-13 21:00:00
Leeds Morning Star Readers & Supporters Group Public Meeting - "After Fidel: The Future For Cuba" featuring guest speaker Kevin Donnely (Cuba Solidarity Campaign/CPB Leeds)
Local Events 13 Feb - Climate Change and Conflict Transformation
Local Events 22 Feb - Opposing US Missile Defence, A Yorkshire Perspective
Local Events 27 Feb - Leeds, City of Peace
Local Events 1 Mar - Afghan Women: Identity & Invasion
Local Events 5 Mar - What Price the City and How Might we Respond?
Local Events 8 Mar - Colombia: Human Rights
Local Events 15 Mar - Building Peace: Tackling Racism
Local Events 25 April - 2008 Olof Palme Memorial Peace Lecture
Local Events 3 May - Leeds Concord's Walk of Friendship   Beeston, 2008-05-03 12:00:00 - 2008-05-03 16:00:00
The third annual Walk of Friendship will take place in the Beeston area of Leeds visiting 3 churches - Catholic, Anglican and United Reformed - a Gurudwara and a Mosque and ending at the Hamara Healthy Living Centre. Saturday May 3rd, starting at 12pm. More details on the Leeds Concord website.
Local Events 3 April - Peace Building - A Worm's Eye View from the Balkans

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