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17 Nov - Imaging War Conference

‘Imaging War’
‘A 1 day FREE Conference
at Leeds Metropolitan University's Gandhi Hall

in the James Graham Building, Headingley Campus
Saturday, November 17th 2007

We have entered a time of highly technological warfare, where over half of the world’s research and development is now military and an ongoing revolution in military affairs (RMA) is changing the rules and weapons that will be used to define our common futures in a global society.

However, one of the most worrying aspects of this RMA is that most of the public are getting their information on the implications of these developments, not from learned scientific or technological treatise but from the media, film, literature, computer games and simulations. The way that war is imaged varies considerably between artists, scientists, urban geographers, media theorists and indeed between generations. Given the controversies which form our daily news about the “War on Terror” and the projected need to give up our traditional human rights and civil liberties, it is essential that we understand the role of the war imagers and their critics. There are many lenses to tell the story, including political, public relations and weapons procurement; media journalism (which leaves out as much as it includes), games, stories, and literature. This conference will explore what these various cultures are saying to each other and how organised knowledge systems, scenarios and stories are used to legitimate or deconstruct new paradigms on war and its consequences.

This conference seeks to explore dissonance and common ground between the image builders and the image consumers; the weapons manufacturers and the story tellers; the politicians and the children. Given its timeliness and originality, we anticipate a wide audience for such an event and are seeking to include as many of the relevant dimensions of the topic as possible. We also wish to encourage different generations to participate and hope to open up some of the plenary sessions to the wider local community to enable them to engage with the scientific and cultural dimensions that the conference will provide.

The conference is free and seeks to attract academics, professional writers and artists and interested members of the public. It will be held in the Gandhi (Great) Hall at Headingley Campus (see: maps and transport details). Pre-registration is essential for catering purposes as lunch will be provided.

Draft Agenda

Morning Session:
 9.30am Start
 9.45 – 10.00am Imaging Future War: A US Military Perspective
10.00 – 10.05am Introduction by Dave Webb and Steve Wright, Leeds Metropolitan University
10.05 – 10.45pm Steve Graham, Durham University
10.45 – 11.15am Coffee Break
11.15 – 12noon Mohamed Al Daradji, film director
12noon – 12.45pm Kristyn Gorton, Leeds Metropolitan University
12.45 –  2.00pm Lunch
 2.00 -  2.45pm Andrew Hoskins, University of Warwick
 2.45 –  3.30pm Helen Kennedy, University of West of England
 3.30 –  4.00pm Coffee Break
 4.00 –  4.45pm Phil Taylor, University of Leeds
 4.45 -  5.30pm Pete Steffens, Emeritus Professor, journalist, historian
 5.30 –  6.15pm Pam Dawes, Manchester Aid to Kosovo
Evening Session: Using the Media to Tell Truth to Power
 7.00 –  8.30pm Martin Butcher (with Dan Plesch) “Plans, Promises and Probabilities - Spinning a forthcoming Military Attack on Iran”
Authors of "Considering a war with Iran: A discussion paper on WMD in the Middle East"

Registration required!

To register for the conference contact:

Hannah Massarella -
School of Applied Global Ethics
Leslie Silver International Faculty
Leeds Metropolitan University
The Grange
Headingley Campus
Leeds LS6 3QS


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