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Crisis Forum

A joint forum between the Praxis Centre and the School of Applied Global Ethics - 18th March 2005


"The Crisis Forum for the Study of Crisis in the 21st Century" was co-founded by Drs David Cromwell and Mark Levene from the University of Southampton and includes members from a range of disciplines and institutions around the country.
Members of the Forum are concerned with the current economic and political systems that threaten our survival and it aims to bring together committed people from diverse college-based, academic disciplines, as well as independent researchers, to analyse the nature of the world crisis in a genuinely holistic way so as to help the application of global knowledge to local contexts.
A workshop held in November in Southampton (opened by the Vice-Chancellor of Southampton University) on "Climate change and humanity: Elite perceptions, Sustainable solutions" yielded wide-spread interest.
The meeting at Leeds Met will consist of a session on the aims and objectives of the forum; methodologies used; its organisation etc, followed by discussion on specific tasks and outcomes - such as proposals for books, journals, internet developments etc.

If you would like to be kept informed of the work of the Crisis Forum please contact Professor Dave Webb.


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