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NORDEC Research

To develop an understanding of the contribution of the defence industry to the Yorkshire and the Humber and North East regional development areas.

NORDEC is based on the collaboration of four key members of staff drawn from two University faculties with wide interests in regional economics, regional and military geography, weapons technology and engineering and information systems.

At present NORDEC has a planned life of two years in the first instance based on its external and internal funding and will appoint a further member of staff for this period.

The present research programme has three aims to

  1. Develop, on the basis of an examination of the membership of Northern Defence Industries Limited, a conceptual and empirical map of producers, products and supply chains.
  2. Examine the issue of contribution of defence related production both to specific local communities and the two regions together and separately.
  3. Review the economic strategies of One North East and Yorkshire Forward in relation to support for the regional defence industries.

Dr Edward Walley
School of the Built Environment
Leeds Metropolitan University
Calverly Street

Tel 0113 – 8121967
Fax: 0113 8121958

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