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Praxis Projects

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Praxis Projects Military Yorkshire
Military Yorkshire is a cross-university project designed to promote the understanding of Yorkshire as a county which is characterised in important ways by the military and associated civilian activity.
Praxis Projects Space Weapons
This project tracks the development of military (and dual use) space based technologies and aims to contribute to debates on how to avoid war in space, what constitutes a space weapon and how to define the ethical use of space for the benefit of the whole world.
Praxis Projects Research Ethics
Scientific/statistical validity in research
Praxis Projects Conflict Resolution
A project to support and improve the capacity of NGOs to nonviolently intervene to prevent violent conflict.
Praxis Projects Crime Reduction
Understanding and reducing crime through evidence based policies
Praxis Projects Walk for Peace 2005
"Walking for Peace is a simple way to show personal awareness of the concept that Peace begins within each person" Linda Strickler, Co-ordinator of the Walk for Peace 2005

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