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Walk for Peace 2005

"Walking for Peace is a simple way to show personal awareness of the concept that Peace begins within each person" Linda Strickler, Co-ordinator of the Walk for Peace 2005

The World Peace Flame opened the launch of Walk for Peace 2005 in Leeds (UK) on 10 July. This exciting initiative provides people with the opportunity to make a small, but significant, contribution to peace. The aim is to encourage schools, groups and individuals to dedicate walks to peace, anytime between July and November 2005. Each participant will receive a World Peace Flame candle and Certificate stating how far they walked.

The combined mileage of these walks will be added up, with the goal of covering the distance from Leeds to Hiroshima (approximately 6,000 miles / 10,000 km), or even further!
The year 2005 is significant because it marks the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the end of World War II.

The Walk for Peace 2005 is supported by Leeds City Council, Education Leeds, Mayors for Peace, and Together for Peace, and is hosted by Leeds Metropolitan University Praxis Centre.

On Sunday 20th November we had the Celebration for the Walk for Peace and a few people brought miles in. A running total was set up on the screen and as people gave in the miles we added them in. Greg Mulholland, MP from the area, was there and it was his 42 miles walking to and from Parliament in London that brought our total over 10,000 miles. What a wonderful thrilling moment that was.

We are now continuing under the new name of Moving for Peace and you can be sure we will continue to grow and give people the ability to DO SOMETHING FOR PEACE! It is about raising awareness, as you know, not about rocket science in measuring but about getting people involved. It has been so wonderful to see the faces of children in the local schools who have really taken to this, and to the children of Bahrain who have contributed over 1000 miles to the walk for peace, making this a truely global effort. We are going to be expanding our work in coming years to include how to be peaceful around bullies, for example. (Conflict Resolution or How to Play Nice!)

We will keep on helping to raise awareness and I would like to thank all of you for your encouragement these past few months.

Love and Light and Peace and Truth,
Linda Strickler

UPDATE MILES WALKED FOR PEACE February 2006: 5913 walkers - 25,017.2 miles walked

Walk for Peace Launch at Leeds Metropolitan University 10th July 2005

The World Peace Flame

The World Peace Flame® was created in 1999 when seven Flames of Peace were lit on five continents, flown across the oceans, and united into one. In an extraordinary show of goodwill and co-operation military air forces and commercial airlines joined with hundreds of previously unconnected individuals to bring a dream alive.

In April 2004, for the first time in history, 196 Ambassadors, representing all of humanity, signed a Statement for Peace and created the World Peace Flame Pathway containing significant stones representing each nation around the eternal flame monument outside the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands.

Since that time, people across the world have had remarkable, transformative experiences in the presence of candles lit from the World Peace Flame®. They are using the World Peace Flame® to bring an extra dimension of peace, clarity and kindness into their homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals and places of worship. It is being presented to international decision makers and installed in monuments in major cities.

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