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Research Ethics

Scientific/statistical validity in research

There is an intimate link between ethics and statistics, as data are often used to make 'claims for truth'. If evidence is not properly collected and handled, then claims cannot be satisfactorily justified and the work is scientifically invalid. It is important that any study has, at the outset, a reasonable expectation of making a contribution to science. Therefore the plan of the proposed study needs to show that this expectation is justified.

Studies take resources of all sorts, not least those of any volunteer participants. Therefore there is need to see in clear detail that any study is well designed, part of which is to show in detail how the data will be collected and treated. A major problem of poor research is that it becomes the ‘chaff’, amongst the ‘wheat’, which must be recognised and separated out from the scientific record. This takes time and effort. Erroneous conclusions serve to undermine public confidence in research generally.

For more details contact Paul Marchant,
Computing Advisor,
Innovation North,
Leeds Metropolitan University
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