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Dr Paul Marchant

Papers and Presentations concerning evidence based policy

Marchant, P.R. (2011) "Have new street lighting schemes reduced crime in London?" Radical Statistics, 104, pp39-48 -

Marchant, P.R.(2010) “What is the contribution of street lighting to keeping us safe? An investigation into a policy.” Radical Statistics, 102, pp32-42 -

with Baxter, P.D. (2010) “The cross product ratio in the bivariate log normal distribution and gamma distribution, with an application to non-randomised trials”, Journal of Applied Statistics, Volume 37, issue 4, pp 529-536

Evidence and Doubt, Science and Policy, Seminar for the Centre for Criminal Justice Economics and Psychology, University of York, April 2008

with Baxter, P.D. (2007) "The Evaluation of an Area-Level Crime Reduction Intervention", a presentation given at the Royal Statistical Society Conference held at York, July 2007

with Baxter P.D., (2007) “The effect of regression towards the mean in assessing crime reduction interventions using non-randomised trials.” A presentation given at the Campbell Collaboration Colloquium, London 14-16 May 2007

Marchant, P.R., (2006) "Investigating whether a crime reduction measure works", Radical Statistics, No91, p46 -

Marchant, P.R., (2006), "Experimental design in social research - Do we for example really know what works against crime?" Slides from an invited seminar given at the Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of Manchester Dec 2006 -

Marchant, P.R., (2006) "Are the claims for lighting benefit true? How can we tell?" Slides from a presentation at the 6th European Dark-Skies Symposium 2006 Sept 15-16 Portsmouth. Presentation available at and also see Chapter 7 of the Proceedings

Marchant, P.R., (2006) "Shining a light on evidence based policy: street lighting and crime", Criminal Justice Matters, No. 62, Uses of Research p18, The Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, Kings College, London

Marchant, P.R., (2005) "Evaluating area-wide crime-reduction measures" Significance (Publication of the Royal Statistical Society) Vol. 2, Issue 2, June 2005, p62 -

Marchant, P.R., (2005) "What works? a critical note on the evaluation of crime reduction initiatives." Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal, Vol 7, Issue 2, pp7-13

Marchant, P.R., "What works? how do we know?" Draft article on the problems in evaluating area-based interventions, later evolving into Crime Prevention and Community Safety article above.

Marchant, P.R., (2004) "A demonstration that the claim that brighter lighting reduces crime is unfounded", British Journal of Criminology, 44, pp.441-447.

More general talks etc on evidence and sound science

“Statistics and Ethics: a Powerful Mix.” A presentation given to the Leeds & Bradford RSS 21 May 2008

“What works and what is worth it; Science versus the rest.” A presentation given at the Innovation North Research Conference 11 July 2007

A transcribed interview with the Nordic Campbell Collaboration (2005) “Let the evidence talk”

"Ethics, statistics and research ethics committees" A talk given to the Humber Local Group of the Royal Statistical Society on 7th October 2003, closely related to one given earlier to the Medical Section of the Royal Statistical Society.

Other recent papers

Marchant, P.R.; Hussain, A. and Hall, K. (2006) Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Asian Children, British Journal of Educational Studies 54, 2, pp230-244

Ross, A.; Winslow, I.; Marchant, P.R. and Brumfitt, S. (2006), Evaluation of communication, life participation and psychological well being in chronic aphasia: the influence of group intervention, Aphasiology, 20, pp427–448

Kessler, J.; Marchant, P.R. and Johnson, M.I. (2006) A study to compare the effects of massage and static touch on experimentally-induced pain in healthy volunteers Physiotherapy, 92, 225-232

Steen, M. and Marchant, P.R. (2007) Ice packs and cooling gel pads versus no localised treatment for relief of perineal pain: a randomised controlled trial, Evidence Based Midwifery, 5(1), 16-22

East, C.E.; Begg, L.; Henshall, N.E.; Marchant, P.R. and Wallace, K., Local cooling for relieving pain from perineal trauma sustained during childbirth, Cochrane Review,, October 2007 -

Marchant, P.R., Contributor to the International Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences, 2nd Edition: The entry on ‘Regression towards the Mean’. Published by Thomson Gale, 2008

Comer, C.; Johnson, M.I.; Marchant, P.R.; Redmond, A.C. and Bird, H.A. (2010) “The effectiveness of walking stick use for neurogenic claudication: results from a randomised trial and effects on walking tolerance and posture”. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 91 15-19

Dickie, A.; Tabasam, G.; Tashani, O.; Marchant, P.R. and Johnson, M.I. (2009) "A preliminary investigation into the effect of coffee on hypolagesia associated with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).” Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, 29, pp293–299

Marchant, P.R.; Raybould, D.; Renshaw, T. and Stevens, R. (2009) “Are you seeing what I’m seeing? An eye-tracking evaluation of dynamic scenes”, Digital Creativity, 20, No.3 pp153-163

Mulvey, M.R.; Bagnall, A-M; Johnson, M.I. and Marchant, P.R. (2010) “Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for persistent phantom and stump pain following amputation in adults”, Cochrane Review, Issue 5

Schilders, E.; Dimitrakopoulou, A.; Bismil, Q.; Marchant, P.R. and Cooke, C. (2011) “Arthroscopic treatment of labral tears in femoroacetabular impingement, refixation or resection? A comparative study with a minimum two-year follow-up", Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, 93, (8) pp1027-32

Griffiths, C.; Gately, P.; Marchant, P.R. and Cooke, C., “Cross sectional comparisons of body mass index and waist circumference in British children: Mixed public health messages” accepted by Obesity

Other writings

An article on environmental concerns: "The Long View and the Big Picture" by Paul Marchant, Originally prepared in 1992. Subsequently published, in 1994, in Perspectives towards Sustainable Environmental Development. Ed Colin C Williams and Graham Haughton, published by Avebury Studies in Green Research.

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