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Appendix A

Multivariate Time Series Approaches To Analysing The Northern Irish Conflict: Lessons For Future Sub-State Conflict Control

By Steve Wright & Dave Webb
The Praxis Centre, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds UK

(Sources of data)

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Yearly Breakdown of Key Variables
Occupied Houses Searched
Vehicles Searched (In hundreds)
Ammunition Recovered from Catholics
Ammunition Recovered from Protestants
Weapons Recovered from Catholics
Weapons Recovered from Protestants
Internment of Loyalists
Internment of Republicans
Number of CS Cartridges Fired
Number of CS Grenades Fired
Number of CS Projectiles Fired
Number of Rubber Bullets Fired
Plastic Bullets Fired
Total Baton Rounds Fired
Assassination of Catholics
Assassination of Protestants
Shooting Incidents Not Involving Security Forces
Shooting Incidents Involving Security Forces
Total Number of Shooting Attacks
Number of Bomb Explosions
Number of Bombs Neutralised
Total Number of Bomb Attacks
Total Number of RUC Personnel Injured and Wounded
Army Personnel Injured and Wounded
Total Military Injured and Wounded (Army & UDR)
Security Police Personnel Injured and Wounded (UDR + Army + RUC)
Total Number of Civilians Injured and Wounded
Total Injured and Wounded
Total Security Force Deaths (Army + UDR + RUC)
Military Deaths (Army + UDR)
UDR Personnel Killed
RUC and RUC Reserve Personnel Killed
Number of Civilians Killed
Total Deaths
Kneecapping of Catholics
Kneecapping of Protestants
Number of Terrorists Killed
Protestant Terrorists Out of Action
Catholic Terrorists Out of Action

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